Meet our Beauty Expert…. Louise Amond!


Louise Amond is our talented Beauty Expert from our Lancome & Clinique counters in Sam McCauleys, Carlow Shopping Centre. She brings you her best beauty tips, tricks & advice every Thursday on our Sam McCauleys Facebook page.  Keep reading as Louise talks about her beauty background, experiences and gives us a taste of her favorite beauty advice and cosmetic products!

Read our Beauty Expert Bio

‘I have always had an interest in make-up and fashion, so much so that i decided to go back to college after finishing my Business Degree to study Beauty therapy in Kilkenny School of Beauty. After working in a Salon for 1 and a half years, a position became available in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow, for a cosmetic house to cover Maternity Leave, and because of my passion for make-up I applied for the job and it must have been fate because 6 and a half years later I am still here!!

I am currently the Clinique and Lancome consultant and through these companies I have developed my make-up artistry skills and get to put them to good use, representing Sam McCauleys at events such as wedding fairs, The Rose of Tralee (Carlow stage), Fashion Shows, The National Ploughing Championships, Xpose Live Cork, and Press photoshoots. I also do some extra curricular activities such as working with transition years and  active retirement groups etc. teaching them basic skin care and make-up application.

Make-up can be lots of fun. It can make a person feel beautiful in minutes.

80% of women wear the wrong foundation,

but when a customer trusts you to pick her perfect foundation and help enhance her natural beauty you create a repour that  can develop into a friendship. I believe that everyone has great skin. They may have picked up a few flaws along the way so it is very important to start a good skin care routine from a young age as “Prevention is better than cure!“.

Healthy looking skin needs 3 things… Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing. For any skin concern there is always a solution. Make-up is very personal. There are several looks that any make-up artist can create to suit the occasion and the clients requirements. General day-to-day make-up should be flawless and enhance your own natural beauty, and YES everyone can have flawless skin, some just need a little extra help.

4 products you will never see me not wearing would have to be…

  • Clinique Moisture Surge Intense to keep my skin hydrated, plump and fresh. I use this with an SPF protection also. €43.50
  • Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara €25.50
  • Clinique Instant Lift for brows 

Because your eyes & brows frame the face

  • Lipgloss – “A bare lip is a vulnerable lip“. They need protection from harsh elements . My personal favorites are:

Clinique LongLasting lipgloss 08
Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector €16.00

Estee Lauder have just brought out a new BB Cream SPF 35, which I think looks great for a day when I don’t want make-up and maybe the once off chance I decide to go to the gym!
It’s 8 years on and I still love what I do, every face is a new canvas and it brings a smile to my face when my customer is confidant and happy leaving the store.’
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