‘I love mascara, you will never see me leave the house without it, actually I would even put it on me if I was having a duvet day.‘ – Louise Amond (Sam McCauleys Beauty Expert)

It defines your eyes and helps frame your face. It can make you look awake in seconds even if you are really feeling it (the morning after the night before sort of thing), wearing a black mascara makes your eyes appear whiter which is always a good thing.

Applying your mascara to finish your make up look adds drama, and judging by the pole we did on our facebook page for Valentines Day about what first attracts a man to a lady……the answer was: THEIR EYES!!!!!

It really is very important to take a couple of seconds in the morning to enhance one of your best features.

There are probably 100’s of mascara to choose from but always pick the one that is going to suit you best and not just because your favourite actress is wearing it, get some help from the consultants when trying to pick your perfect match.

‘My personal favourites would have to be Lancôme hypnose drama€25.50 (every girl like’s a bit of drama in their life) it allows for a build-able application resulting in a full false lash look.

Clinique also have mascara called Lash Power€19.00. This is perfect for any one that likes long lasting water and smudge proof mascara. You need to remove this with warm water, even eye make up remover wont take this off. Ideal for brides as this is also tear proof.’

Mascara dates back to the Egyptians as they used bone and ivory as applicators and blended kohl, crocodile dung, water and honey for mascara.

The first modern mascara dates back to 1913 consisting of coal dust and Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Okay, so back to the BACTERIA!!!!!

Mascara + air = Bacteria

Mascara + application to lashes = Bacteria

Mascara + shared usage = Bacteria

One of the main dangers with mascara is bacteria! Although mascara contains a preservative that breaks down bacteria, this will only last for about 3 months and after this time mascara needs to be thrown out as bacteria will multiply due to the environment that it is enclosed in.

Every time that you use your mascara and replace it in the tube, you have added bacteria to the wand and air into the tub and closed it all up in an air tight container. Bacteria will love this moist humid environment so you can imagine what is going on in the mascara after the 3 months when the preservative and stopped working…….think about it, it’s scary!!!

NEVER NEVER NEVER share mascara even with your besties, cross contamination can be the worst way of getting bacteria into your mascara as you mightn’t know if they have any kind of underlying eye condition, and remember from the first time that you open your mascara you are starting the aging process so make sure you use it up and not let it go to waste.

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauleys Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.

Read Louise Amond’s Biography HERE & find her in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow Shopping Centre.

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