What is psoriasis???

It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which affects 1-3% of the population of Europe; it appears as a red plaque (thickened patches of skin) with slivery white scales where the excess skin cells have built up on the surface of the skin. It is most common on the scalp, knees, elbows and the torso, but it can develop anywhere at any age, men and women are effected equally. Psoriasis may be inherited but it is not infectious or contagious.


Psoriasis is a complex condition with immune, genetic and environmental factors that alter the skin function speeding up the rate at which skin cells are produced and shed. Normal skin cells mature and shed 28-30 days, a skin cell in a person with psoriasis takes only 3-4 days to mature and instead of falling off (shedding) the cells pile upon the surface of the skin, forming area’s of psoriasis know as lesions and plaques.

There are certain triggers factors for psoriasis which are:

  • Throat infections or infectious disease’s
  • Sunburn (sensible sun exposure can help some people but for some it may worsen the condition)
  • Stress/hormonal changes
  • Medications
  • Injury or infection to the skin

Psoriasis may appear in one or more areas, but for some people it may be all over the body, there is no cure for it but it can be treated or even occasionally cleared. With a good skin care routine and a healthy lifestyle you will be able to cope with psoriasis. A healthy lifestyle helps to improve your immune system which is beneficial, and a good skin care routine may help to clear it up and give a comfort feel to the area.




  1. BODY WASH- Lipikar syndet wash of lipikar cleansing oil
  2. SOOTHE – lipikar baume ap – 24hr anti-pruritic action lastingly breaks the vicious cycle of itching, 60-70% of people with psoriasis suffer itching, rebuilds the skin hydrolipidic film and quickly absorbs in to skin
  3. CALM- thermal spring water- soothing, anti-irrating and anti- inflammatory, when itching accurs lightly sprits the area with the thermal spring water for instant relief.


  • CLINIQUE TURNAROUND OVERNIGHT RADIANCE MOISTURISER- it is an overnight moisture  that provides multi-level exfoliation to improve the skins texture, clarity and radiance by next morning, over time it refines skins texture and improves skins moisture barrier to help strengthen and soften the skin

When choosing a make-up try to go for one that is light reflecting which will help to encourage light to bounce off the skin, something like LANCOME Teint Miracle or CLARINS skin illusions (make sure to patch test these first to make sure that they don’t react with the skin)

Don’t use a foundation that is going to be very matifying and heavy coverage as these will only enhance the dry patches of Psoriasis.

  • CLARINS SKIN BEAUTY REPAIR CONCENTRATE this serum in clarins is know as a sos serum it is a a highly concentrated plant based product to calm and repair the skin leaving it nourished and soft, this is one serum that everyone should have in there press as it really is an sos serum it can be used for many skin conditions.

Everyone knows that one of the main triggers for Psoriasis is STRESS, so when your Psoriasis flair’s up or if the condition just occurs lately call in to meet our pharmacists and cosmetic consultant and let us take the stress out of finding your perfect skin care routine!!!

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauley Chemist Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.

Read Louise Amond’s Biography HERE & find her in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow Shopping Centre.

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