IT’S BEAUTY TIP THURSDAY!! Today’s Topic… Be a Yummy Mummy!


Most pregnant ladies know what they can and cannot eat and drink during their pregnancy, but what they might not know is that what you put onto your body is also just as important as what you put in your body!

There are a couple of common questions that are frequently asked about beauty products and the most common one is ……………………………

Is it safe to use FAKE TAN during pregnancy?

This topic can be a bit of a grey area. Research has shown that it is safe to use MOST tans, the only one to be more careful with would be spray tans (esp. tan booths), and this has to do with the tan being sprayed. The reason is that when the tan is sprayed, the different chemicals and ingredients may be inhaled. That may have totally different effects than when a tan is manually applied to the skin. To be on the safe side ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR GP/CONSULTANT BEFORE USING ANY TANS. During pregnancy your hormone levels change and this may cause your skin to react in different ways even to products that you may have used before pregnancy, so it is very important to always patch test any tans before using them at least 24hrs before.


The active ingredient in false tan is dihydroxyacetone DHA. This is a type of sugar which is non toxic and works by interacting with the protein of the skin cells in the top layer of the skin. In this layer the skin cells are dead. The chemical action which occurs within the dead skin cells results in the production of brown pigment called Melancidin. Some tans may have Erythrlose, which works the same way as DHA, neither of these go beyond the top layer of skin so they are not absorbed into your system. The fake tan fades as the skin cells shed.

I decided to contact some of the fake tan companies that we sell in our stores and see what they said about using there tan while pregnant.


Me, personally I think that if you are going to use a false tan during pregnancy, I would not tan your bump, lower back and sides. I would always consult your GP/consultant and let them make the final decision as they have your medical history and will be able to give you the appropriate advice.


How do you to control stretch marks?

Firstly, what are stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur when the elastic fibres of the skin are stretched and risk splitting. At first they may look a bit blue/reddish colour, they gradually fade to pink, and then white. Generally when the stretch marks are gone to that white colour they can not be cured. So if you do have a few, and lets to honest with ourselves, even if you have never been pregnant, you can still have stretch marks somewhere on your body as they can occur from weight gain and loss. It’s best to try and treat them when they have a high colour pigment in them, so at that reddish stage.

There are so many different products on the market now for stretch marks that come in oils, lotions, serums, gels and creams, but the NO1 seller for over 50 years is ……….


Clarins do a range for the body that is 100% pure plant extract, and that range is “Tonic” .

The range consists of:

TONIC BATH & SHOWER – Can be used to complement the tonic oil, as it has skin toning effects.

TONIC EXFOLIATING SCRUB – Removes dead skin cells from the surface, leaves fresher, radient looking skin and promotes firmer surface. It helps to maximise the effects of the other products such as the body oil.

TONIC BODY OIL – improves the skin elasticity and firmness, recommended during and after pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks and loss of firmness. It should be applied all over, especially all over and under the bump, and to your sides. Apply to damp skin. Clarins recommend that you apply cold water to your body afterwords to lock in the moisture and help to improve the blood circulation and firm the skin.

Clarins recently introduced a “Stretch Mark Control” cream that is to be applied morning and night to the areas that are most likely to develop stretch marks. It helps to prevent them by reinforcing skins resistance and helping it expand as needed during pregnancy on the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts.

Some of the other products that we do that are especially targeted for during pregnancy are:

  • MATERNI CARE Pre and post natal nourishing cream (€14.99) – Apply it in a gentle massaging movement to the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks after bathing the skin it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks and keeps the skin dehydrated and smooth.
  • PALMERS STRETCH MARKS LOTION (See in store)- Apply to the skin 3 times a day or as often as you can which might  be just 2 times a days it helps to improve the elasticity and suppleness of stretching skin during and after pregnancy or for weigh loss or gain. For an intensive night time treatment you can also apply
  • PALMERS TUMMY BUTTER (See in store) – This is a powerful combination of collagen and elastic, it also contains lavender which has a soothing effect at night time.


 All Clarins products mentioned can be found on our Clarins counters in Sam McCauley stores, and online at All other products will be available in your nearest Sam McCauley Chemists and online.

Next week we will have a look at:

  • Tired, heavy legs and feet
  • Dullness in your skin

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauley Chemist Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.

Read Louise Amond’s Biography HERE & find her in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow Shopping Centre.


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