Did you know that 75% of pregnant ladies suffer from swollen feet, especially in their 3rd trimester! There may be a few different reasons for this like:

  • The release for the hormone relaxin, this hormone causes the ligaments of the foot to become lax and stretch out, your foot may appear to be growing but it may be the result of the lax ligaments
  • Water retention- as the body requires more and more to regulate blood flow and provide liquid for the development of your baby, this may also cause swelling around your feet
  • Weight gain- your feet may widen or stretch due to the weight gain and the extra pressure on them because as your bump grows, your centre of gravity is thrown off course which will result in you applying more pressure to different areas like your feet!!


    1. Clarins do an “Energizing Emulsion” for tired heavy legs. This leaves your legs feeling light and refreshed, so if you don’t have a few hours to rest your legs then take a few minutes. To massage this lotion to your feet and legs, or better yet get some one else to do it for you and relax, concentrate on your ankles and knees. A little extra tip would be to keep it in a cool area as this makes it more refreshing on application.
    2. Micro-Pedi (€39.95) – All the extra pressure that may be on your feet can lead to excess hard skin and that may cause some pain in your feet. Micro-Pedi is so going to be your new best friend! It is so easy to use. It’s electric so all you have to do is glide it over your foot and let it do all the hard work. It’s even easier if some one else does it for you and can results in you getting to relax for a few minutes also!!! Not suitable for Diabetes.
    3. Did you ever notice that it is the little things in life that make us happy, so one of the easiest things is to paint your nails. For some reason painted toes make your feet feel sexy and girly. They also improve the look of your feet which is an extra bonus. Its easy for me to say to paint your toe nails having never been pregnant, but for a lady that is heavily pregnant it’s not so easy. That’s what beauty spa’s are for! Let them take some pressure off of you and treat yourself to a specialised treatment suitable for you. Shellac nails are fab and long lasting on toe nails which is perfect for an expecting mum! Nail varnish is very fashionable at the moment so if you are feeling up to it you will be spoilt for choice with all the different colours.

There are so many different products available on the market these days but always consult with your GP/consultant before using them.

PREGNANCY GLOW —- feeling it or faking it!?

Okay, so you’re pregnant and your body and hormones are constantly changing. Some of these changes may leave you glowing and full of energy or some of the changes may leave you the total opposite. Your skin may go from being oily to dry, or dry to oily, but one of the most common conditions during pregnancy is dehydration. As you are probably aware of the effects of dehydration while pregnant, your body needs more water intake while you’re in this condition. This can often lead to your skin getting dehydrated as all of the water that you consume is going to your baby and vital organs. The results of dehydrated skin can leave your skin looking dull, lifeless, dry and some times wrinkled, but don’t worry, as I have a few little tips that will help put that glow back in your skin.

  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a weeks depending on the type of exfoliating product that you use. This helps to remove all your dead skin cells which help to reveal healthy looking skin, and also helps your moisture cream to penetrate into the skin, resulting in a fresher skin tone and appearance, e.g. Clinique 7 day scrub (€23.00) or Clarins One Step (€28.00) exfoliating cleanser with orange extract
  • Hydrate – Introduce a water based product into your skin care routine. You may be very good at looking after your skin, but if your skin is dehydrated, and lets face it, most of us are not only pregnant ladies, you need a water based product to add water back to your skin. These products could be in a moisture cream/gel that you use daily, let it be in the morning or at night, a hydration mask that can be used 2-3 times a week, or a serum that can be used under your moisture cream daily. Some of my personal favourites are Clinique moisture surge (€43.50), Clarins hydra quench serum (€53.00) & Lancôme Hydra Intense Mask.
  • Clinique 3 step is great! It is like a daily detox for your skin and helps to cleanse, purify and leave your skin glowing.
  • Clarins also have a “Blue Orchid” oil that you can replace your night cream with, and use out the full bottle which will last about 2-3 months. This is fantastic for dehydrated skin as its an intense treatment.
  • Throughout the day your skin may become tighter, and a great way to rehydrate it is to gently mask it with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water (€9.50) or Clinique Moisture Surge spray both these products can be applied over makeup and give an instant rush for hydration to the skin.
  • Apply a highlighter to your skin on its own or with make-up. This will help to bounce light off your skin giving it a lovely natural glow. Some examples would be Lancome Miracle Eclat, Clinique Up Lighter (€26.00), and Benefit High Beam/Moon Beam
  • Keep your foundation looking fresh and light, applying a very matifying foundation to dull tired skin will only matt it even more, try some thing like Lancôme Teint Miracle (€35.58) or Clarins Skin Illusions (€29.48)
  • Use blushers that have a nice peach/pink (depending on your skin tone) glow to them to brighten up the apples of the cheeks

Call in to have a consultation with one of our cosmetic consultants as there are so many different skin care brands and within all of them there are lots of products that can help put the glow back in your skin.

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday, FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS, with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauley Chemist Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.

Read Louise Amond’s Biography HERE & find her in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow Shopping Centre.

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