There are so many tans on the market these days it is hard to choose which one is going to suit you the best, and whether to choose a wash off or a wear off tan?

It has to be said that there is something about wearing tan. It gives you a boost and makes you feel good, it can finish off the look for certain outfits. That’s just when your tan looks good, there is nothing worse looking than a bad tan. You know the ones………………..patchy, way too dark, brown hands, heels, knees etc, not blended, white streaks and the list could go on. It really is a pet hate of mine!! I would rather see someone go without tan than to look like that!

Here are the 5 favourite in our store:

  • Lancôme Flash Bronze Leg Gel – This has been around for a long time and is still one of the most popular tans on the market. It is easy to apply as it goes on brown, which helps to give a perfect even finish and contains a shimmer which is quite flattering for your legs (Never use this on your face). It takes a while to dry and come’s in one colour.
  • Wow Brown Ready to Glo – This is a brown liquid and very easy to apply. It dries quickly and lasts 5-7 days on the skin. This bottle is only 100ml so is great for travelling. It comes in 2 shades – light-med and med-dark.
  • St Tropez – Everyone knows St Tropez, they carry a wide selection of products and in a few different formulas to suit everyone. Most of which come in different shades, the most popular would be the mousse as it dries quick enough and it is an non spill bottle, it is easy to apply as it is tinted when applying. St Tropez is currently on offer in our stores this month!
  • BBold – This has to be my personnel favourite, I love it!!!! this tan came in new to our store and I decided to try the light-medium ( there are different shades ) in the liquid form. It is so easy to apply and just glides onto your skin, it dries in minutes. I put it to the test one day and applied it before work. I wear a white dress so I was taking a risk with it rubbing off, and….. IT DIDN’T!! It only started to develop a smell after about 6-7 hours after the application. When showered off I had a sun kissed glow on my skin that lasted about 4-5 days. It is becoming one of the favourites in our store!
  • L’Oreal Sublime – Tinted tanning gel with illuminating effects, it is easy to apply but takes a bit of time to dry than liquids. There are different shades.


  • Exfoliate at least a couple of days before the application to remove dead skin cells, which will give you an even application
  • Apply moisture cream to the dry area’s such as elbows, knees and hands, as this will act like a barrier and not let those areas get too dark
  • Use a tan mite or a latex gloves to avoid the tan going on the palms of the hands – its really not a good look
  • Apply in circular movements to avoid streaks (although St Tropez recommend strokes), so you decide which way works best for you
  • Perspiration will make tan streak. If applying tan after a shower, try and leave it for a while so that your skin is quite dry, as excess moisture in the skin will cause it to streak
  • Take your time and concentrate on one area at a time
  • When fully applied take a good look to make sure that the application is even and you have not missed patches, ideally try and have a friend at hand to help
  • Try not to apply your tan in a hot room or steamy bathroom as perspiration will make tan streak
  • When applying tans to your hands just lightly rub over them. I usually had a small bit of hand cream after that so that it doesn’t go too dark
  • After showering off the excess tan do keep the skin well moisturised to lock in the colour ( after the shower dry your skin by patting it dry not rubbing as this will remove your tan


The tans that go on the skin that are already tinted in application is used as an indication to help you achieve an even application. While your tan is developing, this brown colour may rub off on clothes, this is why you should always wear something dark and loose so that is does not ruin your tan. When you have showered the excess brown will come off in the shower. The colour you have then will be the results of the tan, and this should not come off as easy on clothes. But there is no guarantee that it wont as when the body heats up  the tan may come off easier, and this may transfer onto your clothes so be carefull!

Now that you are nice and tanned to finish off your look, Roger & Gallet have just brought out a new golden shimmer fragrant water and body cream, these both complement a false tan or a natural tan, the golden shimmer in both products reflect the light and will give you that bronzed goodness look!!

Shop online at and see in a  Sam McCauley Chemists near you to find these Self Tanners.

Enjoy everyone!

Stay tuned for next weeks Beauty Tip Thursday with the TOP Health & Beauty advice from our Sam McCauley Chemist Beauty Expert, Louise Amond.

Read Louise Amond’s Biography HERE & find her in Sam McCauley Chemist, Carlow Shopping Centre.

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