Image of TanOrganic Original Self Tan

This June, we are teaming up with TanOrganic, the world’s first eco-certified self-tanning brand, to raise money for cancer research through TanOrganic products sold in our stores.  Beginning June 1st, for every bottle of TanOrganic Self-Tanning Oil sold in our stores and through our online store (, both ourselves and TanOrganic will donate 50 cent each to cancer research charities.

We are also proud to announce that Emma Hannigan, well know Irish author of The Summer Guest and Talk to the Headscarf, is on-board supporting our campaign.  Emma has beaten cancer eight times and is currently undergoing treatment for her ninth bout of the disease.

Image of Emma Hannigan

Emma turned to writing to alleviate the boredom of lying in hospital beds all too frequently, and is now a highly successful author.  She carries the BRCA1 cancer gene and despite having her breasts and ovaries removed to reduce her likelihood of contracting the disease, she was first diagnosed in 2007.

Emma is a big fan of the TanOrganic range, which offers six all natural and organic products, expertly created to be kind to skin.

Emma said:

“Going through cancer treatment can leave you feeling utterly horrific.  Not only do you suffer the internal physical effects of these aggressive treatments, but also external physical side effects such as hair loss and a rather unattractive blue tinge to the skin.

Making yourself feel attractive can be difficult, but can also make you feel better in yourself.  That’s why I love TanOrganic.  When going through treatment, you are limited to what beauty products you can use as many contain carcinogens and can be harmful.  TanOrganic, being 100% natural and organic, is one of the best brands I’ve used over the years as it’s safe and effective.

I can get a lovely golden glow and cover up that horrible blue tinge.  One step closer to ‘normal’ me”.

TanOrganic Original Self Tan is 100% natural, and has an anti-ageing Aloe Vera based formula which is ultra moisturising to skin and contains no synthetic drying agents.  It’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, and those who are pregnant as it’s free from harsh chemicals, parabens, colours and fragrances.

Image of TanOrganic Original Self Tan

TanOrganic Self Tanning Oil is the worlds first self tanning oil.  This multi-award winning oil is essentially a moisturising dry oil which instantly illuminates the skin to leave a sumptuous, subtle tan.  It’s ideal for those who prefer a sun kissed look to a full on tan.  Made with a unique blend of 8 different plant oils, including Borage Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Orange Peel Oil.

TanOrganic Self Tan Oil

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