Microdermabrasion Facial

Medical Microdermabrasion Facials are the safest non surgical method to remove the outer most layer of skin. As it is a non-surgical treatment it is also painless.

The facial works by using a controlled flow of fine medical grade crystals through a treatment wand attached to a Dermogenisis Machine. The wand works by spread the crystals across the face similar to an exfoliant. Once this process is finished the wand suctions away the crystals plus outer layer of dead skin to reveal younger & healthier skin. Some who receive this treatment report near perfect skin after!


The wand has a disposable head which is replaced for each customer.

The treatment also treats fine lines and can be used around the mouth to reduce the visible effects of smoking.

While microdermabrasion is often seen as a treatment for the face only but it can also be used on the bust, chest, back, hands, thighs and arms. Areas with delicate skin should be avoided such as under the eye.

You can book this treatment online http://www.sammccauley.com/content/book-a-salon-appointment/1415

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