Sleep Masks & Creams

Any product that can give skin the appearance of a good nights sleep sounds good to us!  Sleep Masks & Creams are the latest beauty products to break on to the Western market from South Korea – the epicentre of skincare (where skincare regimes can involve up to 20 steps!)

Sleep Creams and Masks

Super concentrated with beauty boosting Vitamins and ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Sleep Creams and Masks are super concentrated to provide an extra dose of hydration when used after your regular night time moisturiser.  Wearing them overnight means that the concentrated ingredients are gradually absorbed during skins natural repair cycle, which happens while we’re asleep.

Sleep Creams and Masks have fast become a cult favourite, and if late nights, lack of sleep or a hectic lifestyle are showing through to your skin, they’re something you should consider trying.


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