Dovonex Psoriasis Treatment

Dovonex Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory skin disease that is estimated to affect more than 73,000 people in Ireland. Anyone can develop psoriasis. It is equally common in men and women (Irish Skin Foundation).

Now available direct from our chemists is Dovonex, a simple, once a day treatment for plaque psoriasis.Dovonex Psoriasis Treatment

Dovonex Ointment contains the active ingredient calcipotriol, a form of vitamin D. Calcipotriol works with your skin at a targeted, cellular level to block the production of excess skin cells at the source while improving the appearance of psoriasis plaques.

Using Dovonex, your plaque psoriasis should start to improve within four weeks, perhaps in as early as two weeks. If no improvement is seen after four weeks of treatment, or your psoriasis changes or worsens at anytime, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Dovonex is available without prescription from all Sam McCauley Chemists, and any of our pharmacists will be happy to advise if Dovonex is suitable for you.


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