Antibiotics Awareness Week


November 13th – 19th is World Antibiotics Awareness Week.

Antibiotics Misuse World Health Organisation

Antibiotics are brilliant – in fact they are a lifesaver, however misuse and overruse can cause bacteria to become resistant to them, meaning that current treatments will no longer work, and common infections could become untreatable.

There are some easy steps that everyone can take to help stop this:

  • Only take antibiotics that have been prescribed to you – this is one area where sharing most definitely isn’t caring!
  • Antibiotics are not always the answer – antibiotics don’t cure viruses like the common cold or flu.
  • If your doctor decides that you need an antibiotic, be sure you take it exactly as prescribed – don’t stop taking them just because you begin to feel better.


  • And remember your Sam McCauley Pharmacist can advise you on over-the-counter remedies that can help to treat many common infections.

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