SoSu by Suzanne Jackson – Parfum

SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Parfum

New from Suzanne Jackson, three luxurious 75ml eau de parfum fragrances, each with their own unique character. Made using the most beautiful of ingredients, these exquisite, long lasting scents make for a stunning sensory experience.

Fresh and citrusy to energise by day, dark and woody for dancing by night and fragrantly floral for the hopeless romantic, there’s an eau de parfum to match every mood.

SoSu by Suzanne Jackson Parfum D'AmourParfum d’Amour 

sparkling fragrance with an enticing burst of fruity scents such as rose and jasmine, punctuated with hints of osmanthus.

sensually smooth blend that exudes romance.




SoSu Parfum De Nuit

Parfum de Nuit

With a luxurious woody base and cardamom spice top notes, this lavish scent makes a powerful statement.

The deep accents within this fragrance create a hypnotic blend, ideal for both men and women.





SoSu Parfum De JourParfum de Jour 

Boasting a strong citrus blend of elemi and lemon with a deliciously playful hint of orange, this beautifully fresh and tenacious scent is every bit as timeless as it is extravagant.





SoSu by Suzanne Jackson is available at Sam McCauley Chemists and online at

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