Less Taxing Waxing

Image of woman leg wax

Ah waxing…we all have stories that would bring a tear to your eye.  But waxing doesn’t have to be that painful, in fact with Lycon Waxing it doesn’t have to be painful at all.

Here are some handy ways to prepare and care for your body before and after waxing, so you can enjoy those soft, smooth results for longer.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Nuxe Fondant Body ScrubTo ease the waxing experience, a great tip is to exfoliate at home first.  Consider investing in a nice exfoliation scrub – we love Nuxe Body Fondant Body Scrub which has 100% botanical exfoliants.

Then head into the shower with a loofah – you don’t need to scrub too hard (actually don’t, you’ll damage your skin), just enough to remove old skin and fake tan.

Get squeaky clean

After waxing, the pool, the shower and the bath will be off limits for 24 hours, so after exfoliating enjoy a moisturising shower or bath.

No sneaky shaving

You’ll need some hair for the waxing to work, so shaving is a BIG no no.  You have to allow at least 2-3 weeks of growth from your last shave to get yourself waxed.

Keep calm and tracksuit on

The cosier and comfier you are the better.  No need to dress to impress.  Wear loose, comfortable clothes to the salon.




After waxing, you’ll be all smooth and sassy.  But now is not the time to go swanning around – give yourself 24 hours to settle.

Things to avoid

Sunbathing, UV treatments, fake tan and swimming are also best left until tomorrow.

Stay loose

Yes, your legs look achingly smooth but again, be kind.  Loose clothes will so much nicer that jeans or tight leggings.

Cream Up

Applying ingrown hair cream (we love Guinot Depilation Lait Depil Logic Corps – which helps to stop ingrown hairs and keeps skin moisturised).

Start as you began

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.  3 days after waxing give your body a once over exfoliation rub-down.

Book your waxing treatment at any of our Award Winning Beauty Salons online here.

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